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  • Sustainable Investment Management
    Sustainable Investment Management

    Research by Morningstar has proven that sustainable investing performs just as well as conventional approaches.    So, we follow the same time-tested methods of portfolio management and use the industry's best tools to align your portfolio with your risk tolerance and return objectives.  The plan is built with your financial needs in mind. But then we do something different than most investment advisors:  We implement this plan with sustainable and social impact investment vehicles.  In this way, you achieve your objectives -- and do so in a manner that is consistent with your values. We favor low-cost index vehicles wherever possible, but recognize that...

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  • Sustainable Equity - Separate Accounts
    Sustainable Equity - Separate Accounts

    Sustainable Investing (SI) is our core business.  Our SI process follows a strict set of rules that select true best-of-class sustainability leading companies. And we incorporate these principles into every other asset class, finding investments that meet a our return requirements while providing non-financial benefits, as well.  

    We look for sound environmental stewardship, a commitment to employees and their communities, safe and high quality products, and the highest standards for corporate governance and integrity. These qualities provide the foundation for every sustainable investment program.

    Equity portfolios are just part of an investment...

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  • Retirement Plan Design and Management
    Retirement Plan Design and Management

    Thinking about "Greening" your retirement plan?    We can help...  with a plan that fits your corporate values, while delivering competitive performance at an economical cost.    If you are an entrepreneur, your first business priority is profitability. But are you taking advantage of a tax code that encourages you to save for your retirement?  Are you offering retirement options that retain your best employees?   Do you just want to know what your alternatives are? We can help...

    Boardwalk works with the nation's largest plan administrators...

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  • Retirement and Educational Planning
    Retirement and Educational Planning

    Sound investment management is focused on meeting certain objectives.  Never is that more clear than in the practice of retirement or educational planning.  Very real goals stand in front of each of us.  How can we achieve them? 

    At Boardwalk Capital, we begin with a thorough understanding the tax structures that make these goals more attainable. Is a ROTH IRA more appropriate for you than a Traditional IRA?  As a business owner,...

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  • Trust and Fiduciary Services
    Trust and Fiduciary Services

    Is your trust company unresponsive to your wishes?  Do you wish that their investment style was in sync with your values?  Does your estate plan include future trusts with a big institution? Has it been awhile since your estate plan was updated???  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, we can help.  

    Boardwalk has teamed with...

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