Sustainable Equity Solutions for Institutional Investors

Managing New Risks While Enhancing Return Potential

Sophisticated institutional investors have recently identified new risks that lurk within their portfolios. Investors such as CalPERS and consultants like Mercer have determined that these new risks stem from a rapidly changing environment that will soon determine winners and losers. 


These new portfolio risks include:


                 Climate change

                 Resource scarcity

                 Changing consumer attitudes

                 Shifting regulatory climates


These are potentially quantum shifts in the investing environment. 




But where specifically are my risks? 



We believe that substantial long term risks are inherent in some of the world's largest companies.  The ones that most institutions own.  So, we have created best-of-class equity portfolios that concentrate on companies who are addressing these issues head on.  Portfolios that can easily replace a core equity allocation while maintaining similar volatility characteristics and return potential. 



Consider also how you may delight your sustainably-minded stakeholders by employing Sustainable Investment solutions in your endowment or retirement plans.   We would be happy to work with you to position this change with your constituents.


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Our Research Process: E S G & F

For today's investors, it is about something more than just returns: It's about how those returns are achieved.


Boardwalk Capital's global research process analyzes dozens of metrics across more than 3000 companies.  We use these tools to build true Best-in-Class investable indexes -- strategies comprised of firms that you can be proud to say you own. 


We can also provide detailed analyses of your current portfolio holdings, answering questions such as: 

         How sustainable is my portfolio?        

         Which of my companies have the worst supply chain controls?

         Do I own companies that have only insiders as directors?       

         Where are my carbon and emission risks?


We can get to the bottom of your Corporate Responsibility concerns and offer best-of-class investment sustainable strategies.  Both come from top-ranked research capabilities


Here's how we do it:

  • Smoke Stacks


    We invest in companies that lead their respective industries, going beyond regulatory requirements to demonstrate leadership in environmental strategies, policies, incident response and disclosure. We want to see annual improvements in resource efficiency, declining carbon intensity, and lower overall emissions -- and a management-level commitment to meeting specific environmental goals.

  • Smoke Stacks


    We evaluate how companies treat their workers and communities, how their products impact society and how they promote diversity, training, safety and regulatory compliance. We demand robust supply chain policies to ensure that outsourced activities meet the same high standards.

  • Smoke Stacks


    Investors rely on corporate leaders and board members to properly manage the companies we own. We demand high standards of ethical behavior, transparent disclosure and policies to prevent bribery and corruption.  We insist on boards that are diverse and independent.  Did you know that simply having one woman on the Board reduces the likelihood of accounting restatements?  These issues add up to the definition of a "well-governed company".

  • Smoke Stacks


    We incorporate financial indicators into our analysis to ensure that potential investments are well capitalized and have reasonable prospects for future profitability. We also examine spending on Research and Development, believing that R&D sows the seeds for future products and services.


A Portfolio Tailored to Your Values

We recognize the importance of incorporating one's values into their investment decisions. 

Now, it's time to customize a portfolio to your values.

With research on more than 3000 companies worldwide,
we can pinpoint a specific business line within a huge global conglomerate.  We can assure that your wishes are completely reflected in your portfolio, excluding whatever industry or industries run counter to your values and beliefs.

Excluding industries can change the overall risk profile of a portfolio
, so we don't just exclude the offending stocks and carry on.  Instead, we make other portfolio adjustments to keep overall risk in line.

In the end, you will have a portfolio that is customized to your specific beliefs -- while retaining the all of the benefits of our sustainable investment approach.


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