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Charitable organizations are in a unique position among investment entities; being able to enhance the public good though grants that are consistent with their charitable "mission". And while a foundation's mission is often narrowly defined (arts, health, environment, education, etc.), the purpose of every foundation is arguably the same:



"A charitable purpose...  is for the public benefit."
(Charity Commission Website 2011)



With this broader definition, how does a foundation's purpose factor in to its investment decisions? There are bigger issues at work here than many recognize.


Never have foundations had more choices when it comes to investments that provide societal benefit.  Even choosing between two large capitalization companies in the same industry can have vastly different environmental and social impacts.  So, where does an "investment" end and a "grant" begin?  Better yet, why must one even choose to define such a question at all, when both can further the organization's purpose and mission?



"Harmonizing a charity's giving and financial investing best serves the charity's public benefit purpose Separating the two poses a false dichotomy. As investing and giving become more seamless, value is added."
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Stephen Viederman, former president of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

Boardwalk Capital's role
is to assist the foundation in identifying its objectives and helping shape its collective beliefs of what future challenges can be addressed through investment policy.  We help you determine how to make your grant making and investing consistent with your mission and purpose. 

All investors are challenged to identify and reduce potential risks.  We help foundations
formulate strategies around tough questions that cross the lines between investments and purpose.  


Questions such as:

      "Which investments are at risk from the quantum changes that we are witnessing in resource scarcity, activist consumers, growing social media influence and the potential for emissions regulation?"

      "How can we ignore climate change and water scarcity while making grants to environmental causes?"

      "We support the arts, but are we doing so while other ignoring community development issues close to home?"


If you wish to explore such questions, or just believe that your assets should support your purpose, then give us a call.  We have the tools and the expertise to make this a reality.

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Read our report on "unleashing the 95%" and making your non-grant assets have a social impact. It's called Foundation Transformation and you can make a real difference by changing your investing approach.

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