Sustainable Investments: For Individuals

Building a Sustainable Investment Portfolio

Sustainable Asset Allocation

Today's investors as demanding more than just returns. 
They also care about how those returns are achieved. 

They expect sustainability to be incorporated into every corner of an investment portfolio -- from large cap stocks to municipal bonds. From small cap clean-tech firms to community lending, microfinance and "triple bottom line" private equity. Boardwalk brings together the best solutions in each category, constructing a customized investment program to meet the specific objectives of each client. Scroll down to learn more about each investment type.

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Sustainable Equity


Sustainable equity is at the heart of any responsible investing program.  Through carefully-screened external managers, or Boardwalk's "best-of-class" ESG portfolios, investors have a variety of competitive alternatives to fill out the equity portion of a sustainable asset allocation.


Each strategy selects companies that pay attention to the details, and who have built enduring competitive advantages on their sustainability foundations. 


Clean Tech and Green Equity


Directly invest in alternative energy and clean technology companies.The trends are clear.  Trillions of dollars will be invested in alternative energy infrastructure.  Yet most of the companies in this segment are still small and carry higher risks.  We employ such investments in a supporting role in client accounts, and implement these strategies though "specialist" equity managers -- scrutinizing dozens of firms to find those with outstanding track records in their particular specialty area. 


By employing specialists, investors are better able to tap into new growth areas that might not be immediately evident.  And a portfolio approach is completely appropriate for these riskier, small companies.  Utilizing a pooled fund or managed account spreads the risk among dozens of securities -- lessening the chance of a home run, but also reducing the risk that one failed investment would undermine your entire portfolio. 



Fixed Income


Structure your bond portfolio to "make a difference".  Without sacrificing credit quality or yield, bond investments can be targeted to key areas where an investor can make the biggest impact on quality of life issues.  You can feel good knowing that your investment dollars are building schools, or are improving water quality, in specific communities across the country.  


Our municipal bond portfolios focus on such segments:

            Education                            Hospitals 

            Water systems                    Green space 


Other fixed income investments could support local business lending and economic development.  Foreign or emerging market bonds are also incorporated into many portfolios for their investment grade ratings, attractive yields and important diversification benefits.  Of course, the mainstay of the bond market, US Treasury and Agency notes, may be employed when appropriate.



Impact Investments


Impact investments area an exciting new business model that offers a uniquely rewarding "on the ground" experience while truly changing lives. 


"Impact" companies are formed by dedicated and experienced entrepreneurs to meet a critical need in our society and earn profits while doing so. Unlike charities, they can don't just consume funds.  Instead, they "recycle" their money back into their "mission", year after year. 


We find those local partners who can give our clients access to lending and equity investment opportunities with those social enterprises that are profitably making a difference in the world.  Many of these "triple bottom line" (people, planet and profit) investments are accessible to investors of all wealth levels.  We see them as an important part of a sustainable asset allocation plan.   


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Sustainable Equity Management: Our Process

Our global research process analyzes more than 3000 companies to uncover true Best-in-Class firms that we can be proud to say we own.  Here's how it works:

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    Sound environmental stewardship is more than just good corporate responsibility.  It is an imperative for cost control and efficiency and has been shown to drive innovation.  We invest in companies that lead their respective industries, going beyond regulatory requirements to demonstrate leadership in environmental strategies, policies, incident response and disclosure. We want to see annual improvements in resource efficiency, declining carbon intensity, and lower overall emissions -- and a management-level commitment to meeting specific environmental goals.

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    We evaluate how companies treat their workers and communities, how their products impact society and how they promote diversity, training, safety and regulatory compliance. We demand robust supply chain policies to ensure that outsourced activities meet the same high standards.   Employee engagement and satisfaction also impacts investment returns.  A portfolio consisting of Fortune magazine's "Best 100 Companies to Work in America" has consistently outperformed the S&P500 across many time periods.

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    Investors rely on corporate leaders and board members to properly manage the companies we own. So, we insist on boards that are diverse and independent. We demand high standards of ethical behavior, transparent disclosure and policies to prevent bribery and corruption.  It has been well documented that companies with more transparent disclosure have a lower cost of capital.  Furthermore, the mere presence of women on the Board of Directors reduces that incidence of accounting restatements.

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    We incorporate financial indicators into our analysis to ensure that potential investments are well capitalized (not too much debt) and have reasonable prospects for future profitability. We also examine spending on Research and Development, believing that R&D sows the seeds for future products and services.

In the end, it's about your goals... Let's achieve them while leaving the world a little better than we found it.

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